About Me

This blog is a note about things that are interesting to me personally.

Who am I?

Irvan Taufik. Actually my name is three words, but just show the first and last name.

I like to read, sometimes like to write, and, bad at math. Loves rain, fog, and mountains, but doesn’t make poetry on IG or FB. A solo touring fan, with an automatic motorbike that people say is not really a man. It’s so stupid.

My academic background is very far from technical things about websites and blogging. Schools in state elementary, junior high, and high schools, and study in government departments. It’s also self-grading.

Accidentally plunged into the world of websites and blogs around 2009. Just for fun, I just like to write on blogs. Until now, they do not have technical skills such as html, css, databases, and the like. Make a capital blog with just a click of the mouse.

But it’s not an obstacle. It’s been a long time being a Full Time Blogger.

I made this blog as a means to write about things that I find interesting. So far, I’ve pretty much blogged. Some have succeeded until now, but many have failed and have not developed as well.

One of my blogs that discusses specifically about blogging, SEO, and how to earn money from the internet, you can see at irvantaufik.me.

I live with my beloved wife, children, and 3 rioters.

I hope you enjoy writing on this blog. Thanks if it’s useful.

Happy reading, and nice to meet you.